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January 9, 2013

Textures: Ontario Waterfalls

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Textures: Ontario Waterfalls

Along Wilson’s Falls in Muskoka

Textures: Ontario Waterfalls

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  1. Hello Harold,
    I see that you are planning a list of waterfalls in Ontario soon.
    In case you are interested here is my list of waterfalls and cascades in Hamilton.

    (Names in brackets indicate either alternate names or names from Vintage Post Cards)
    1. Progreston Falls
    2. Connon Falls
    3. Spring Falls (Upper Grindstone Falls, Arnolds Falls)
    4. Brown’s Falls
    5. West Brown’s Cascade (New waterfall 25 m west of Brown’s Falls)
    6. Read Baker’s Falls (James Falls)
    7. Great Falls (Grindstone Falls, Smokey Hollow Falls, Waterdown Falls, Palmers Falls, The Falls)
    8. Hidden Grindstone Falls
    9. Grindstone Cascade
    10. Boundary Falls
    11. Quarry Falls
    12. Upper Quarry Cascade
    13. Clappison Falls
    14. Wesley Cascade
    15. Patterson East Cascade
    16. Patterson West Cascade (Patterson Cascade)
    17. Valley Falls
    18. Upper Hopkins Cascade
    19. Lower Hopkins Cascade
    20. Lower Borer’s Falls
    21. Borer’s Falls
    22. Little Rock Chapel Falls (Rock Chapel Road Falls)
    23. Sugar Shack Falls
    24. Moss Falls
    25. West Moss Falls
    26. Romar Cascade (Hydro Cascade, Tower Cascade, West of Hydro Tower Falls)
    27. Dyment Falls
    28. Great Western Falls (Sydenham Bridge Lower Falls)
    29. Logie’s Falls or Peek-a-boo Falls (Sydenham Bridge Upper Falls)
    30. Lower Sydenham Falls (Sydenham Ravine)
    31. Middle Sydenham Falls
    32. Upper Sydenham Falls (Sydenham Falls, Logie’s Falls)
    33. Lafarge Falls
    34. Lower Tews Falls (Baby Tews Falls, Hopkins Ravine)
    35. Ferguson Falls
    36. Tews Falls (Tew’s Falls, Hopkins Falls)
    37. Webster’s Falls (Spencer Falls)
    38. Baby Webster’s Falls (Stairway Falls)
    39. Springhill Falls
    40. Dundas Falls
    41. Optimist Cascade
    42. Greensville Falls
    43. Darnley Cascade (Stutt’s Falls)
    44. Maple East Falls
    45. Maple Falls (Upper Maple Falls)
    46. Stonewall Falls (Lower Maple Cascade)
    47. McCormack Falls or Maple West Falls
    48. Weir’s Falls (Upper Weir’s Falls)
    49. Betzner Falls (Lower Weir’s Falls)
    50. Samuel Cascade
    51. Steven’s Falls
    52. Beverly Cascade (Lower Weeks Falls)
    53. Beverly Falls (Upper Weeks Falls)
    54. Hunter Falls
    55. Troy Falls
    56. Mineral Springs Falls
    57. Heritage Falls (Griffin Falls)
    58. Hermitage Cascade (Hermitage Falls)
    59. Canterbury Falls (Milne Falls)
    60. Little Canterbury Falls
    61. Sisters of Mary Falls (Upper Canterbury Falls)
    62. Sherman Falls (Fairy Falls, Angel Falls)
    63. Old Dundas Road Falls
    64. Lower Mill Falls (Mill Falls)
    65. Upper Mill Falls (Mill Stream Waterfall)
    66. Tiffany Falls
    67. Washboard Falls (Upper Tiffany Falls)
    68. Ancaster Heights Falls
    69. Little Falls on Wilson Street (Little Falls, Waterfall on Wilson St.)
    70. Lower Little Falls
    71. Shaver Falls (Filman Falls)
    72. Upper Shaver Falls (Upper Filman Falls)
    73. Stephanie Falls
    74. Upper Mohawk Cascade
    75. Lower Mohawk Falls (Mohawk Falls)
    76. Scenic Falls
    77. Lower Scenic Cascade
    78. Hwy 403 Upper Pipe Falls
    79. Hwy 403 Middle Pipe Falls
    80. Hwy 403 Lower Pipe Falls
    81. West Iroquoia Falls
    82. East Iroquoia Falls
    83. Duchess Falls
    84. Lower Princess Falls (Princess Falls)
    85. Upper Princess Falls (Princess Falls, Westerly Falls on Chedoke Radial Trail)
    86. Mountview Falls (Easterly Falls on Chedoke Radial Trail)
    87. Sanatorium Falls (Upper Sanatorium Falls, Sanatorium Ravine)
    88. Lower Sanatorium Cascade (Lower Sanatorium Falls)
    89. Lower Westcliffe Falls (Half of Double Waterfall)
    90. Westcliffe Falls (Waterfall West of Cliffview Park)
    91. Lower Cliffview Falls (Half of Double Waterfall)
    92. Cliffview Falls (Waterfall Beside Cliffview Park)
    93. Chedoke Falls
    94. Blue Falls
    95. Denlow Falls
    96. Lower Chedoke Falls
    97. Auchmar Falls (Upper Beckett Falls)
    98. Beckett Falls (Lower Beckett Falls)
    99. Billy Monkley Cascade
    100. Hannon Cascade
    101. Broman Falls
    102. Oak Knoll Falls
    103. Buttermilk Falls
    104. Cave Falls
    105. Limeridge Falls
    106. Albion Falls (Mount Albion Falls)
    107. Baby Albion Falls
    108. Walnut Grove Falls
    109. Pritchard Falls
    110. Upper Glendale Falls (Glendale Falls)
    111. Middle Glendale Falls (Glendale Cascade)
    112. Lower Glendale Falls
    113. Felker’s Falls
    114. Mountain Spring Falls
    115. Heritage Green Falls (Taro Falls)
    116. Little Davis Falls (Lower Felker’s Falls)
    117. Veever’s Falls
    118. Glover’s Falls
    119. East Glover’s Falls
    120. Centennial Falls
    121. Billy Green Falls (Battlefield Falls)
    122. Lottridge Cascade (Olivieri Cascade)
    123. Devil’s Punch Bowl (Devil’s Punch Bowl Falls)
    124. Lower Punchbowl Falls (Lower Devil’s Punch Bowl)
    125. Erland Falls
    126. Dewitt Falls
    127. Ridge Falls
    128. Wall Falls
    129. Fruitland Falls (Upper Fruitland Falls)
    130. Lower Fruitland Falls
    131. Jones Road Falls
    132. Tallman West Falls (Shed Falls)
    133. Vinemount West Falls
    134. Vinemount East Falls (Vinemount Middle Falls)
    135. Tallman East Falls (Vinemount East Falls)
    136. West McNeilly Falls
    137. Smith Cascade
    138. McNeilly Falls
    139. Lewis Road West Falls
    140. Lewis Road East Falls
    141. Harvey Falls (Pond Falls)
    142. Lower Harvey Falls (Lower Pond Falls)
    143. Promontory Falls
    144. Grand Cascade
    145. Thomas Falls (West of Fifty Lower Falls)
    146. West of Fifty Cascade (West of Fifty Upper Cascade)
    147. Pettit Cascade (Deal Cascade)
    148. Fifty Road Cascade
    149. Winona Falls (East of Fifty Falls)
    150. Puddicombe Falls

    Comment by Joe Hollick — January 9, 2013 @ 9:29 am

  2. Thanks Joe, great to hear from you.

    I have a list of 143 but I needed to get further information on a few like the 403 pipe ones. You must be doing a bit of mind reading because I wanted to write you and pick your brain on them. I know if anyone would have the answers on Hamilton Waterfalls it would be you. I’ll try to send you a message in the next few days.

    Best wishes for the New Year, Harold

    Comment by Harold — January 9, 2013 @ 10:12 am

  3. Amazing photos, so beautiful.

    Comment by Wedding Photographers GT — January 10, 2013 @ 2:12 pm

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