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Sandhill Cranes with young bird

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Sandhill Crane juvenile, Grus canadensis

Their is a traditional breeding area for Sandhill Cranes a few kilometers from my home, and it is always fun this time of year to see the Adults with their young. They often feed in the fields around the marsh they nest in. This bird and its parents seemed to be feeding on snails.

Shortly after this picture, this young bird tried to climb through a wire fence, not barbed. It proceeded to get all tangled up, feet, wings and bill in all directions and took a good long time getting untangled. The two adults just looked on, I think a bit astonished by the whole thing.

Sandhill Crane, Grus canadensisSandhill Crane, Grus canadensisSandhill Crane juvenile, Grus canadensisSandhill Crane juvenile, Grus canadensis

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