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April 16, 2009

Removing Dust spots from Canon 5d2 Video

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One of the downsides of DSLR cameras is that the sensors seem to be magnets for dust, which can sneak aboard when you are changing lens. This is a problem when using the new video mode available with cameras like the Canon 5d MarkII. Of course, best practice is keeping everything as clean as possible.

However, if you finally caught up with an Ivory-billed Woodpecker and found dust spots on the video, here is a method of removing them using Photoshop, Lightroom and a free program called VirtualDub.

The first step is to open the MOV file in Photoshop (File>>Import>>Video frames to Layers)

You will see that Photoshop will only open 500 frames at a time due to the resource intensive nature of this operation. If you don’t need 500 layers, do yourself a favor and use the import dialogue to reduce the number of frames imported.

One they have been imported, you want to export them as individual files. You use (Files>>Scripts>>Export Layers to Files). This operation like the preceding one takes a long time. You may want to close any other programs to let your computer work full time on them.

We now import these files into Lightroom in order to work on the dust removal. It can’t be done in Photoshop as a batch as Photoshop will not record cloning or healing tool operation in an action.

Once the files are imported to Lightroom, we go to the Develop module and use the Heal tool to rid ourselves of the dust spots on one of the images. We then Select all the files and hit the Sync button on the bottom of the right hand side menu. We check “Spot Removal” in the dialogue box and hit OK. Once the files are processed we return to the Library menu and Export them to a new directory.

It remains to compile the files into video frames. I use a wonderful free program for this called VirtualDub. Once I have compiled the video, I can add the audio track from the original file.

The video above shows 5 seconds of the original and then the cleaned version.


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