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May 31, 2009


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Weather forecasting is a Fraud!

How can you take seriously a forecast like “A 50% chance of precipitation” 50% ?? That’s no better odds than a coin flip. My Great-aunt Buelah’s arthritis is more accurate than that.

Let me explain the reason for this rant. I have been planning a timelapse project but I need a dry sunset or sunrise. Since that happens twice a day, you would think it shouldn’t take long but it has been wet for 4 days. The weather forecast has said 30% chance or 50% or 100% and I guess that makes them right.

However today they said sunny all day and its been a great day.But  about two hours before sunset the weather forecast changes to “A 50% chance of precipitation” and its turned into a monsoon. These people are putting out ten day forecasts as if they are meaningful, but the truth is that they have no idea what it is in 6 hours. They should ask my Great-aunt Buelah.

Maybe tomorrow it will be dry. Maybe tomorrow I can finally get this project done. Hmmm.. I better check the weather report.

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