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February 19, 2009

Photoshop Tutorial – Quick and Dirty Cast Correction

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Image with blue cast

Image with blue cast

I took this photo of a Common Pochard in La Camargue, France. A first glance tells me that it has a decided blue cast because there is a simple process to get rid of it. It goes like this.

Make a duplicate layer Layer>>Duplicate Layer
Make that layer the average color for the image. This will be the dominant cast Filter>>Blur>>Average
Change this color to its opposite complement Image>>Adjustment>>Invert
Now we’ll change the current layer mode from Normal to Color. This is best done by changing the Box in the upper left of the layers menu. Change Layer mode to Color
At this point we should have a gray image as we canceled all the color. It remains just to adjust the Opacity of this layer to suit. Often 15-20% is plenty but in our example, I changed it 30%. It is easily adjusted in the box in the upper right of the layers pattern. Lower opacity to suit.

If you set up this procedure in an Action, you can do it in seconds. You can download the following action and load it into your Actions menu. After running it, you need only adjust the Opacity (I have the action set at 12% opacity)

Download Cast Correct Action



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