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September 15, 2012

Photographing Swallows in flight

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A Tree Swallow in Flight

Swallows are such swift and unpredictable fliers, it can be very difficult to capture an image of them in flight. On a lovely May morning, I went to a Tree Swallow nesting box to try a set up. Tree Swallows are very confiding, and especially to someone who is in a car nearby. I set up my camera a few feet from the nesting box and manually focused just in front of the entrance. I then hooked up a remote shutter release which I was able to operate from inside the car.

As the birds entered and left, I tried to time the shutter release to get them in flight. Of course, just a very small percentage worked out, but these few were an exciting result. The image below shows the full image before the nesting boxwas cropped out.

Photographing Swallows in flight

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