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September 10, 2008

Birding Kei Mouth area: South Africa

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Kei Mouth area

Birding Kei Mouth area: South Africa

The area around Kei Mouth and Morgan’s Bay contains a variety of habitant including the productive rivermouth of the Greater Kei River. I stayed at Ocean View farm, a National heritage site where the owner is in the process of restoring the original vegetation. I would highly recommend it, and you can find more information under places to stay at the bottom of the page.

The Ocean View property includes a wooded area which has had an African Crowned Eagle nesting for many years. The only place to view the nest from was part way down a ravine. By tying my tripod and camera to a tree, and clinging to the tree, I was able to photograph the nest, and as a bonus, neither I or my equipment ended up at the bottom.

My lodging (see above) was blessed with three types of Weavers in the trees surrounding it, Spectacled, Cape and Village, and the immediate area around it contained a wide variety of exciting species including African Green Pigeon, Black Collared Barbets and Lesser Striped Swallow. Green Woodhoopoe were found close as were both Black and Gray Cuckoo-Shrike.

Nearby abandoned pastures were home to Spur Winged Geese, Orange Throated Longclaws and and Red Collared Widowbird. There was always the anticipation of an unexpected surprise like the magnificent Martial Eagle which soared by, a species much more common further north. A rough road brings you to the mouth of the Kei River, a sandy estuary attracting a wide variety of species. My favorite was the wide-eyed Water Thickknee or Dikkop. Three Banded and White Fronted Plover were present as well as wintering Marsh, Green, Curlew Sandpipers and Greenshank. The Tern family was represented by Caspian, Common, Damara and Great Crested, and I was lucky to see my second pair of African Oystercatchers.

This area is not the most well known to birders, and it can be a bit rough to get into and around, but if you are interested in a wonderful novel experience, I would highly recommend it.

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