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April 7, 2009

Canon 5D2 movies with 1400mm of glass

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One of the criticisms of the Canon 5D2 I hear is that you should just get a regular camcorder if you want to make movies.

This overlooks the fact that you can’t get a setup to use long telephoto lenses except without a huge budget. For example the cost of a Red camera body ($17,500), 300mm lens ($5,950),Red LCD ($1,7900)…well you get the picture.

This video uses a 500mm lens with stacked 1.4 and 2X Teleconverters,….1400mm in all. After 10 seconds I did a 50% crop in Sony Vegas, giving an effective 2800mm of lens.

The footage may be a bit soft but it had a lot of air to shoot through and is therefore not unexpected.

This is to me, the strongest point in favor of this camera body, the ability to make movies with a wide assortment of lens, not just telephoto, but wide angle, fish-eye, macro, and tilt/shift.

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